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Online Schools Looking For Tutors:   by: Princess Haak
INTERESTED APPLICANTS! TEACH KIDS and ADULTS! 24/7! ITUTORGROUP is HIRING! If you would like to book an interview and get started within 4 days then please send an email to
English Tutor: Teach English in China. Free flight ticket and housing provided upfront  by: Jasmine
What should you know about Wuhu Location: Wuhu is located in the southeast of Anhui Province, on the south bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is 119 kilometers (74 miles) from the..
Beijing  by:
Hello dear Admin My name is Azeddine MIMOUNI, I am a Moroccan Teacher of English. I have ● BA Degree in Linguistics. In 2013 ● 120 hour TESOL certificate. ● Five years teaching Experience. ●..
China  by: Rhenelyn O. Apolonio
Hi there! My name is Rhena and I've been a teacher for some quite time now. I am a teacher for English for Kids, Business English and IELTS. I have handled different learning levels. In my class, we..
20+ Locations across Indonesia  by: EF English First
HEADLINEHERE Housing Provided in Many Locations! Teach, travel, learn, and earn with EF Indonesia! We’re looking for amazing English teachers to join us in Jakarta, Lippo, Yogyakarta, and many..
Chachoengsao, Thailand  by: Teachers for Thailand
Teaching position in Chachoengsao for a March 26th start. 40,000 THB per month. We have two position for kindergarten teachers available at our school. (Preferably female teachers) The salary is paid..
Profiled Agency -- Agency -- all over China  by: Beijing IEIC International education
Wanted: Spoken English Teachers in Various Cities of China With Competitive Payment and Working Visa Provided Beijing IEIC International Education Consulting Service Center is an Education..
School -- Over 60 cities across China  by: EF English First
ESL/English Teacher - Over 300 locations across China to choose, Legal Visa and Full Arrival Support Free flights to many locations across China! We’re looking for amazing English teachers to join..
JEONJU  by: steve jobs
Academy in Jeonju, Jeonllado Starting Date: ASAP Location: downtown Working hour: 1pm - 9pm Salary: 2,1 - 2.3 mil won Teaching age group: elementary + middle City Info: City Info:..
Various locations in South Korea  by: SeoulESL
Teach in South Korean Public Schools with the EPIK Program Job Description Discover Korea and teach English in Korean public schools through the English Program In Korea (EPIK). Korea, also known as..
Re Express VPN Sucks Big Floppy Donkey Dick  by: &em&em
He WAS Chinese and has secured US citizenship Your husband continues to be Chinese, which may explain your plaintive attraction to the phrase "big floppy donkey dick".
Re No Quarter Given  by: An Old Man
These days, China is applying its visa regulations strictly. If you are caught breaking any of them, you'll probably be punished accordingly. "Niemand", the German for no-one, has no automatic right..
Re Spotlight International School in Jinan, Shandong Chnia  by: Hulk
I wanted to share my experience in Shenzhen because it might be helpful when choosing a school. I worked for Meten at the Hongfa location. Lets start with the pros: I loved teaching and I loved the..
Re Dishonest Guangdong Country Garden School,Foshan Guangdong,bgy,PRC  by: Johnny boy
So, your evening meetings are during your lunch break? The local staff must love this bright idea??The Chinese take a lunch nap, so they do not mind evening meetings, they are yes people,following a..
Planet Edu Exams Pvt. Ltd.  by: Cambridge CELTA
Apply for Prestigious Cambridge CELTA summer batch starting from 3rd June 2019 to 29th June 2019 in the Millennium city Gurugram (Delhi NCR), India. Course Fee - INR 1,40,000/-inclusive of GST. Last..
Looking Partner for Starting a school  by: Manish Magan
Hello, I am looking for a partner who have interest in Starting a School and who can invest 50% for establishing a private English school in India. you can have a great new opportunity in this..
中国  by: Berg
Hi: This is Elden who stands for Berg company we help Chinese school or private school to find new teachers, we need a reliable and trustworthy partner, we need someone or companies who can help us..
Canada  by: Antonio Ross
Looking for schools which require English Speaking Teachers. I am interested in creating a direct partnership. Our consulting firm ARconsulting specializes in this area.
host  by: LUCIA
I offer homestay and personalized Italian lessons to students of any age, in the wonderful lake area in the North-west of Italy. My guests would live as members of the family for a week or longer. I..
Host offers English Classes with Homestay  by: Wendy
Unique opportunity for Homestay with English Language classes. Students will live and study in Beverley. It is a beautiful and historic town where they can find traditional England. Beverley also has..
GLobal IPTV Subscription in China  by: Tony
We offer worldwide IPTV channels subscription service from Asia , Africa , Europe , America , Latin , 5000+ tv channnels ....Please contact us if interested in it. Add wechat : satellitvonline..
I think its time for a change  by: Dove John
Howdy! I’m a student in the bay area and recently I had to input my hobbies on a message board. It made me realize I really lack in hobbies or passions except fortnite, so I feel like it’s time..
My Chinese for your Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China   by: Richard
Shiyan Golden Future Foreign Language Training School is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. It was established in 2004, which provides professional and fun programs to both teenager and..
Re Ivy Kindergarten Haikou - scam city  by: GA
Can you provide more information about this please? Thanks
Don't trust Haikou's "SCHOLASTIC" (aka “学乐教育”, aka ”学乐英语“)  by: Sadbuttrue
Stay away and never trust Haikou's "SCHOLASTIC" (it's known in Chinese as “学乐教育” or ”学乐英语“)! Problems: cheating the foreign teachers on salaries, cheating kids and..
China to redefine native-speaker teachers  by: Uncaring
Chinese to redefine native speaker teachers? EL Gazette | Jan-Feb 2019 China is set to redefine native-speaker teachers to include citizens of former colonies where English..
Re: Re Juren (or Giant) School, Beijing  by: Reilly
Isn't this guy (in the article) a Dutchman? How did he get a visa to teach as a native English speaker?
Verb To be worksheet  by: Azzeddine Tamlakoutan
Hi colleagues! This is gonna be my first participation with you on this forum. I offer you a recently designed worksheet I designed and published on my blog. Feel free to download it.
Preschool Creative Activities - Fostering the Creative Spirit  by: Mary Robinson
Preschool is the time when children are allowed to explore their creative sides through arts, crafts, games, and creative play. As an instructor, it's crucial to incorporate a wide variety of..
Holidays - What is Easter?  by: Linda Hancock
It's Easter Sunday morning and people are passing messages to each other in person, by telephone and over the internet. Some speak of the Easter bunny. Others prepare or make coloured eggs. Still..
Entertaining Students - Tips For First Time Teachers  by: Dominic Bartalino
Some teachers think that they aren't paid to entertain their students. They think that just educating them is enough. The only problem with this mentality is that if you don't engage your students..
free business english lesson topics  by: Trevor
Use these free lessons at Korean companies. They're all at Enjoy!
Re: Hi im an ESL Teacher Teaching collage students in mexico that are studing to be chefs  by: Yanni Zack
Melissa, I encourage you to make learning fun. Since these are students who are studying to be chefs, teach them vocabulary that includes cooking and recipe terms. Use lots of visuals, and have..
How-to-Teach-Vocabulary.pdf  by: pdf
Scroll to browse this PDF Move your mouse pointer under to: save as pdf, print, zoom in/out
Communication Via Technology for Teachers & Parents  by: R.J. Bowman
Parents and teachers must work together in order for students to succeed. Parents need to know what is going on in the classroom in order to reinforce those skills at home. Teachers need to know what..
Philippines - Pasig City (Ortigas Center)  by: EMC International
EMC - Ortigas is offering a Diploma program that is intended for those who consider a career in TESOL. Through a program of lectures, readings, discussions, and practical teaching exercises the..
How To Write A Resume, Avoid These Resume Mistakes  by: David Green
Copyright 2005 by David Green HOW TO WRITE A RESUME-MISTAKE #1 NEVER USE THE WRONG PAPER! What kind of paper should you choose when typing your resume? The color..
What to Ask During the Interview  by: John D Williamson
Don't just sit there and bob your head, waiting to answer the next question - be prepared to ask your own questions and make the interviewer know that you care! Ask Them About the Company If you have..
I, Me, My, Myself, Mine and Ego  by: Kari Farmer
Our thoughts have a way of making every little thing about us. Someone was rude to me so I was being mistreated or someone cut me off... How dare they cut ME off! The next time someone is rude to you..
Re t-shirts   by: fn
Creative Writing Ideas - How To Have Them  by: Steve Gillman
Are you waiting and hoping for creative writing ideas? Why not use some simple techniques to produce as many ideas as you will need? Here are a few to get you started. Combine Stories For Creative..
Top phishing sites  by: Elizabeth Rogers,
Don't take the bait. Find out where and how scammers trick victims into giving out their information. Your account has been blocked because of multiple log-in attempts. Your credit card is about to..
just ask...  by: tn
ask and you may or may not receive.
List of Adjectives  by: Kenny Leones
People who would like to learn how to speak and understand English should not limit themselves to the simplest of sentences. While they need to begin with the nouns, pronouns and verbs so that they..
Spanish Verbs Basics And Conjugations  by: Adolfo Garcia
When learning Spanish, understanding verbs is one of the hardest spots that people may come across. Spanish verbs differ from English verbs in a variety of ways. For instance, many verbs in Spanish..
Belgium - Antwerp  by: Cosmolingua Language Training Consultants
Stages linguistiques.
Hunan - Changsha  by: Hunan Normal University
Hunan Normal University, founded in 1938, is located in Changsha, a famous city with great historical and cultural interests. As an academic institution of higher education with a full range of..
Indonesia - Balikpapan  by: EF English First Balikpapan
EF English First is the largest language school in the world and Indonesia with more than 40 years of experience in language training. We are a part of EF Education – the world's largest private..
Shizuoka shi  by: oshaberi eikaiwa kyoshitsu (OEK)
We have been established since 1987. OEK is a reputable, independent, successful English language school. We have a really good reputation with round 300 students. We are a community school that is..
Gwangju  by: Chosun University
Chosun University has had a distinct mission to produce individuals of ability to make a great contribution to the establishment of the nation-state. The movement for the university established by..
New Zealand - Auckland  by: New Zealand Institute Of Education
NZIE was established in 1994 and is situated in the beautiful seaside suburb of Takapuna Beach. We are 10-15 minutes by bus or car from downtown Auckland. We are close to the main bus system, shops,..
Colombia - Cali  by: Colegio Colombo Británico
La Corporación Colegio Colombo Británico fué fundada en 1956 por un grupo de eminentes profesionales de Cali. Es una institución privada, mixta y bilingüe (Español-Inglés). El colegio es una..
Quebec - Montreal  by: AFSL Pro
AFSL Pro is a unique language school which offers language learning programs tailored to the needs of government, business and individuals. We use a new blended-learning approach that successfully..
Angloos  by: Online English Lessons
Hello Our school is now offering online ESL courses for students. LEARN ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME! For a free demo please email me. Our courses are indorsed by the British Council, Cambridge university..
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) in Jakarta, Indonesia  by: Language Studies Indonesia
LEARN INDONESIAN IN JAKARTA | LEARN INDONESIAN ONLINE (DISTANCE LEARNING) Located in Jakarta, Indonesian, LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA (LSI) is a unique Department of Education School, licensed by the..
Volunteer Aid Nepal - NGO  by: Nepal
Volunteer Aid Nepal is charity for Community development. We run various volunteer Programs and community aid projects to support the work of local community in Nepal. Local communities in Nepal are..
Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer at a Chinese School  by: Gregory Mavrides, PhD -
China Foreign Teachers’ Quick Reference Guide The following article has been adapted from the comprehensive Foreign Teachers’ Guide to Living and Teaching in China that first appeared on the..
Korean Culture: Every Day Tasks in Seoul, South Korea  by: Paul Symonds
It can sometimes be a little confusing, when you try to take care of every day tasks in a new country for the first time. Even visiting a bank or going to a post office can become a major task, when..
Re: Requesting free English books through post  by: Aweke
Coping with Thailand's Tightened Visa Regulations  by: Nola Kelsey
It is the end of an era in Thailand. Political changes occur rapidly in SE Asia. Nowhere is that more evident than inside the Land of Smiles. In the wake of the John Karr / JonBenet Ramsey fiasco,..
Does anyone know anything about getting your hair straightened in Japan.?  by:
I am living in Okinawa Japan (on an air force base) and I am getting ready to go back to the states to visit family. Why I'm there I planed on getting my hair straghtened. But I was watching "The..
15 Filipina Dating Phrases in Cebuano Language  by: Xylene Belita
Do you want to date a Filipina woman from the Philippines? If she lives in Cebu Island, one of the Visayas Islands, or in Mindanao Island, then your Filipina woman is a Cebuana or a Bisaya. "Cebuana"..
Honeymoon Vacation in India  by: Michael Smith
Honeymoon is the best part of the newly wed couples. It is time where the couples come closer to know each other physically and mentally. To make this honeymoon holiday more special and memorable..
A Guide To Australian Slang...  by: lilpsychogirl
Australian Slang...
| Teaching English in Italy - Five Ways to Cut Costs and Save Materials in the ESL Classroom  by: Kit Sheridan
For English language teachers in Italy, it's always a good idea to be cost-efficient with materials. Whether you work for yourself or for a school, conserving paper and other classroom resources..
Amazonas – The World’s Brazilian Lungs  by: Naldo Camarones
Amazonas covers 1.5 million kilometers of land area in Brazil, and 98% of this land has remained as it was when it was discovered. Amazonas is so large that it is bigger than most countries in the..
Passports Your License to Travel  by: Jawahn Thompson
A passport is very similar to a driver's license in the United States. It is an globally recognized document, typically used for international travel, verifying who you are and where you're from...
Panama - Panama City  by: VILLA MICHELLE HOSTEL
Villa michelle is a family hostel for Vacation, Tourism, Leisure and Shopping in Panama. Villa Michelle is one of the hostels, inns or lodges more luxurious, a peace and secure lively atmosphere in..
Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?  by: Thad Pickering
You have probably heard about travel insurance but may not really know what it is or whether you need it. Perhaps a travel agent recommended that you get travel insurance, or maybe it was offered..

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