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don't be silly *Link*
By:Michael Curry
In Response To: I agree with you ! (Mariam)

Let's not go overboard here. Yes, SOME recruiters try to scam you, but not all. Don't group people unnecessarily.

5,000RMB a month is a relatively good wage. Let's put this in perspective. In my first year in China, relatively inexperienced, I earnt 5,500RMB a month at a private school, for about 16 hours a week. I had my airfare reimbursed, visas processed, free meals if wanted, free housing and water. I needed only to pay for gas (80RMB every two months) and snacks. I spent maybe 1,500RMB each month. At the end of the year I'd saved quite a bit. Certainly not a BOMB, but if you were looking for money (and were qualified) you'd probably choose somewhere else.

10,000RMB is rarely the kind of wage you'll find at a university, but only by a private language mill. The working hours there are usually upwards of 18 a week, and more likely to be 25. A university, however, may only pay 4,000RMB per month. But they might require you to work less than 14 hours a week. Academic hours (45mins), too.

If you are trying to save money to take home, you are in the wrong country.

Please note: I agree that China EFL wages are typically on the decline. I do not think it will continue indefinitely, or that it's necessarily a bad thing.

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