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English schools in Japan

School:Kevin`s English Schools (Kanagawa)

Kevin`s English Schools was established in 1991. We now have three schools in Kanagawa, Japan and teach over 150 students. Two of our schools are in Minami Ashigara City, and one is in Odawara`s beautiful Kamonomiya area.

At these schools we have a huge collection of teaching materials,enough to rival or surpass many colleges and universities teaching EFL. All of our schools are equipped with a computer and students and teachers may use them. We have an EFL software library which studentsmay use at our schools. Students are also encouraged to borrow books,CDs and cassettes, from the small libraries we have at each school.

Most students come once or twice a week for 50, 60 or 90 minutelessons. As this adds up to only 8-12 hours per month or so ofEnglish study, we encourage them to use software, books, and videos athome. Slowly their time in the classroom and doing home study addsup, and reaches a point where there is noticeable improvement.

We are located about 80 minutes south of Tokyo and 60 minutes south of Yokohama by regular train. You can get to Tokyo in 40 minutes andYokohama in 15 minutes however. On this map we are located between Hakone andKamakura. Hakone is beautiful and well worth the 30 minute drive there. Hakone is in the mountains--the lake is a former volcanic crater I believe and Minami Ashigara and Odawara are in a picturesque river valley. There are many rivers in our valley. Kamakura of courseis a former capitol of Japan and has many historical buildings and temples.

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