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Learn French Part 3 - 5 More Tips to Help You
By:Josette Martin

Learn French: 5 more tips to help you learn

Here are five new tips to help you study French or another language. We have covered 15 tips so far from note taking to working with the language regularly. The following tips will help you if used consistently.

1. Make flashcards for new words or new expressions: this is a great way for you be involved with your learning and to actively practice anytime and anywhere. You can take a stack of flashcards anywhere you go and practice with them when you have a few minutes. Cut small cards or paper squares (about 2 1/2 inches). On one side write the French word or expression, on the other side write the English word or draw a picture that will help you identify the vocabulary.

2. Use flashcards in various ways: either study them one after the other, make stacks of related words, set aside the ones you have trouble with. Say the words aloud (or "softly aloud"), give yourself goals: to be able to go from French to English in a certain amount of time then to switch and start with English and quiz yourself in French.

3. Review old flashcards regularly: you will forget some words and you will need to relearn them once in a while.

4. Focus on words which are useful to your situation: if you are learning French to travel focus on travel expressions, shopping, reserving a room or buying tickets, asking for directions etc. If you are studying for your work focus on that type of vocabulary.

5. Find ways to help you remember vocabulary or concepts: create acronyms or other mnemonic devices to help you remember. (for instance, BAGS for the placement of certain irregular adjectives if you have trouble remembering to place those in front of the noun instead of after the noun - the usual place for adjectives in French: la belle maison rouge, le vieil arbre, le nouveau chapeau brun)

Most of all be patient with yourself, know that you will forget, but also recognize your success; you are learning and moving forward!

We hope these tips are helpful. For more help visit this site: http://www.cevenneslangues.com We welcome questions and requests for help ideas.

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