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Learn French Part 4 - More Tips to Help You Learn French
By:Josette Martin

We have already covered 15 tips in previous articles. Here are a few more to help you learn French and appreciate your progress.

1 Watch films: French language films- if you are a beginner or intermediate student films with subtitles will help you recognize words and understand the story ; if you are an advanced student challenge your comprehension by not displaying subtitles.

English language films: you can choose French as the language or display French subtitles.

2 Listen to French radio stations. You can easily do this online. Some stations have an "easy French language option" for students.

3 Practice aloud: speak in French and listen to your own voice. Repeat and repeat until you think you have improved your pronunciation.

4 Record yourself after listening to a portion of your lesson; listen to your recordings: evaluate your pronunciation, record again until you are satisfied. After a few times you will notice improvement. Guaranteed!

5 Practice with friends as often as possible: meet on a regular basis in a relaxed situation (for coffee, lunch, a walk...)

6 Practice with native speakers often and regularly: this cannot be emphasized enough! Join a club, find a class. Find a teacher who can work with you individually.

7 Practice with online lessons and exercises: there are many opportunities to get a little extra practice for free in addition to your regular lessons.

8 Make questions/answers notes for yourself : one column for basic questions, one for answers. Practice these often, study them, review them and most of all use them in real situations. (for instance: What time is it? What did you do yesterday? What is your favorite season? What book are you reading? How often do you watch television? etc...)

9 Remember: a language is meant to be used; so, practice, study, review and most of all speak!

I hope these tips help you progress in your learning of French. More ideas are available on this site: http://www.cevenneslangues.com Your comments, questions and ideas for new pages are welcome.

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