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Random Thoughts
By:Robert Prentice

Every once in awhile, I can manage to pull together some really good random thoughts and I figured today I would share them with you. Theres no theme whatsoever, todayonly some random thoughts.

Random Thought #1Success is an Attitude. We should daily maintain the right kind of attitude to have the success we expect in life.

Random Thought #2Give of yourself; give of your time. Never forget our children spell love T-I-M-E! We should give our children every possible moment of our time. This is when we can teach, share, encourage, correct, and love.

Random Thought #3Live in the Moment. We cannot do anything about the yesterdays except learn from them. We cannot do anything about the future except prepare for it. The key is to live in the now.

Random Thought #4Count Your Blessings. Take the time to jot down your blessings in a little book that you can take with you everywhere you go. If you encounter rejection or frustration, pull our your book and count your blessings.

Random Thought #5Take Negatives and Turn them into Positives. Be creative and innovative and shift your thinking, taking the word "problem" out of your vocabulary. Replace it with the word "challenge". From now on, see every difficulty as a challenge to be overcome.

Random Thought #6Pay it Forward. There's a great movie by that name. If you have not seen it, you should. We will never know how many people we touch when we contribute to society in this way.

Robert Prentice

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