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Re: Poke'Mon Exposed
By:Anonymus <FabianDColombia@aol.com>
In Response To: Poke'Mon Exposed (Annagail Lynes)

This post may be old but, to be honest this is absurd, I was a Pokemon fan and use to play their card games, watched their TV series, and play their video games, heck I still play their video games every now and then. But what you just post it is way off the wall, and I can speak for other Pokemon fans or people who use to be a Pokemon fan that this is absurd. I can assure you that this is something that is stereotypical and pulled out of someone's insecurity and/or great dislike towards Pokemon. To involve some Japanese cartoon into Christianity makes no sense what so ever, not only with Pokemon but wit the other Japanese anime show like Yu-Gi-Oh!, that these anime shows are demonic and drives kids to the "dark side"? In fact I can see that you haven't done your research toward the "Pokemon" quite well, I'll help you, Pokemon is the Japanese term for "pocket monsters" and the Pokemon names, for example the famous yellow Pokemon with the cute phrase of "Pika!" Pikachu means the following: pika (Japanese onomotopoeia for "Light Sparks.") + chu (Sound a mouse makes.). Or the Pokemon Ferret: fur + ferret. Honestly my logic tells me that there is nothing demonic about some cartoon derived from an animal. All these Pokemons are just plain animals with Japanese terms and names that entertain kids. Here is the link to help you more on this subject.


Getting back on subject there is no occult in this if it was then all cartoon shows would be an occult, like the epic american cartoon show the "Thunder Cats" or other shows in general like Heros or Ben 10 all these shows show people with special abilities such as flying powers, super strength, etc. With the card games its just some piece of carton paper with a fancy graphic of a Pokemon in it, showing it's attributes strength, and powers. Just like the show is.
kids stabbing and demanding Pokemon cards? Well of course I have heard of this or similar cases but this derived from the habit of gambling. Not because a unseen demonic animal look alike took over him. Any board game is somewhat a way of gambling, those who take gambling far will end up doing unexplainable things, for example the casinos I can estimate that about 40% of the people that go to casinos are gambling addict who would kill just to win. All of the slogans like "You gotta catch em' all!" "Be the Pokemon master" or other this there just slogans to catch peoples attention, kids to be exact. Not to brainwash them and pull them into the dark side. If it was then the US government would ban these shows. Seems similar to the commercial of the Army "There is strong and then there is Army Strong" that is a similar slogan of drawing someone into joining something. I really don't want to go in the Religion part of Pokemon is against God and all because I am an Atheist and to be rational I will respect your beliefs and not argue on it, because I have very little knowledge about it. to end all this I will say, I use to be a Pokemon fan, use to play their games/trading card game, and watched their TV shows, still play it sparingly though. But above all I am 17 and still have my Pokemon cards kept away in a box somewhere in my house, so far I haven't done anything irrational, driven to the dark side, killed someone for a piece of carton with a fancy drawing AKA Pokemon card, or anything you have mentioned above. In fact Pokemon has not really affected me, my peers, in any negative way. I said it before and I'll say it again, nothing is wrong with Pokemon, or Pokemon is not driving kids into the dark side. It has been 14 years since Pokemon has been introduced and so far no Holy war has happened. So think about it 14 years? and nothing has happen? I think is safe to conclude that all these accusation are just a conspiracy.

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