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Les Perras

If you working with people, you must communicate with them. You must use the language they use. English becomes a tool to help you do your job. Your skills will improve fast.

You will certainly have problems and conflict as you work. After all, we all make mistakes. And if your English is not perfect, you will make more mistakes. This is good. Solving problems is the best way to improve your communication skills.

Problems become your friend.

There are two ways to learn English fast; I call them 1) Real Immersion and 2)Imaginary Immersion. I can point out a few things about real immersion. Then I will give pointers for making your own Imaginary Immersion.

1. Real Immersion

Move to an English-speaking country. Get a job. Work with English speakers every day. This is the fastest way to learn English.

If you can go to an English school at the same time, you will learn even faster.

2. Imaginary Immersion

Real Immersion might be too difficult for you. In that case, try imaginary immersion. Put as much English into your life as possible.

Around your home, use this language for the radio, and television.

Shadow everything you hear.

Visit only English sites on the internet. Read lots of English books and magazines.

Make friends with foreigners who speak your language very poorly. You must find what interests them and make that your interest so you will have something in common. Find the places where native speakers visit in your community and go there.

You can create an English environment. This is easy with the internet. You can access abundant English on the internet.

Put your heart into it, and practice everyday. You will learn English fast!! There are many sites for speaking practice. There are sites like English Listening World for listening practice.

Listening is very important. If you can hear the words and understand them, you will find it easier to use them.

You must also talk to yourself in English. I still talk to myself in Japanese even though I use it a bit less than my own language.

I made it a deep habit.

You can too.

Les Perras, owner of English Language Franchise in Ikoma, Japan, and author of the website English Listening World at http://www.english-listening-world.com/.

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