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Travel in India

Discover Top 7 Important Tips on How to Relocate to India
By:Benny Horowitz

Have you always been drawn to the exotic beauty and mystery of India? Have you thought about moving there to experience the many treasures such as The Taj Mahal, curries, teas, spices, silk fabrics, etc. Below, I'll help you discover everything on how to relocate to India:

1. Foreign nationals must have a resident/business/work/entry visa. It's best to ensure you have a job setup In India prior to moving to help relieve any financial issues that may arise.

2. Goods will have to be shipped out within 30 days of the owner arriving in India in the event of a delay. Plan ahead and determine which personal belongings you will need before you relocate to India.

3. India has an extensive banking infrastructure with national and local banking services readily available. Most expatriates find it convenient to have a local account for day-to-day living expenses.

4. Adequate to excellent private health care is available in Delhi and other major cities. Those who can afford to pay have access to well-equipped, modern facilities and highly-trained staff. Private health care is available and used by expatriates.

5. Telephone service is adequate to excellent in the cities, but isn't reliable in rural areas. Service has expanded and improved in recent years, but heavy workloads for technicians may cause delays in repairs and installations. During the rainy season, landline service to remote areas often is interrupted.

6. Driving in India is not for the fainthearted. The unwritten rule of traffic is that smaller yields to bigger. Cows, which are sacred to Hindus, always have the right of way. Almost all expatriates with families have their own car, and in many cases, also a driver. Some city dwellers are able to get by without a car, relying instead on taxis.

7. If you plan to relocate to India, it is fairly easy to find most staple food items, but the quality tends to vary and the prices are relatively high. 'Western' items are found most often in specialty shops at premium prices. Each neighborhood has at least one small shopping area for basic household goods.

India doesn't have to be a dream. You could be living and working there, enjoying the sights and scents of this beautiful country. Review the tips I've mentioned to help you decide whether or not you want to relocate to India.

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Benny Horowitz is a hobbyist traveler that's written dozens of articles on the subject of traveling and relocating to help you when traveling to a foreign country.

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