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Spanish Essay Phrases
By:Matthew W Graham

It is very useful to learn and memorise useful phrases for writing Spanish essays - this is probably the easiest way to improve your essays and hence your marks as a Spanish beginner.

This article is a collection of Spanish phrases to firstly help you start and conclude a Spanish essay; secondly how to present themes and argue points, and finally contains a range of connectives to make a Spanish essay flow more naturally.

The first sentence...
Voy a discutir acerca del tema de...
Voy a hablar sobre...
Voy a discutir

Introducing your opening argument...
Para empezar - to begin with
Al principio - at the start
En primer lugar - to begin with

Introducing new themes and arguments...
Para continuar - to continue
Para ilustrar... - to illustrate...

Concluding the essay...
Por fin - in short
Finalmente - finally
Para concluir - to conclude
En conclusión - in conclusion
Para terminar - to finish
En resumen - in summary

Presenting an argument...
Por un lado - on the one hand
Por otro lado - on the other hand
En cambio - in contrast
Por otra parte - on the other hand
Hay que tomar en cuenta - you have to take into account

Indicating time...
Durante - during
Mientras - while
Mientras tanto - meanwhile
Despues de infinitive - after
Antes de infinitive - before
Luego - then
Entonces - then

Because / as a result of...
A causa de - because
Como consecuencia de - as a consequence of
Debido a - due to
Porque - because
Como resultado - as a result

Spanish connectives and conjunctions...
Además - in addition, moreover
También - also
Sin embargo - however
A pesar de - in spite of
Así (que) - so
Aunque - although
Sino que - but
Pero - but
Por ejemplo - for example

Common subjunctive triggers...
Es probable que
Es necesario que
No creo que
Dudo que
Aconsejo que
Espero que
Quiero que

Presenting opinions (no subjunctive)
Creo que - I believe/ think
Pienso que - I think
Opino que - In my opinion
En mi opinión - in my opinion
Afotunadamente - fortunately
Desafortunadamente - unfortunately
Me parece que - it seems to me

Por eso - therefore
Por lo tanto - therefore
Por consiguiente - therefore
Asi - so

Other useful Spanish words / phrases
Todavía - still
Ya - already / now
Apenas - scarcely (casi no)
En realidad - in reality
Actualmente - currently
Ahora mismo - right now
En seguida - immediately
Hoy en día - nowadays

The most... is that

Lo mejor es que
Lo malo es que
Lo importante es que

Common uses of the imperfect subjunctive in Spanish
Si tuviera... - if I had... (notes: this should be followed by a verb in the conditional tense)
Si fuera... - if I was... (as above)

I hope this collection of Spanish phrases is useful for you Spanish writing - please visit http://topspanishtips.weebly.com for more useful Spanish resources like this one.

http://www.topspanishtips.weebly.com is a collection of the best free Spanish resources on the internet. If you're learning Spanish from beginner to advanced level we provide those websites to help improve grammar and vocab, reading and writing and even you're listening and speaking online.

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