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Travel in Latin America

A Fabulous Trip to Mendoza, Argentina
By:Travel Expert

Argentina, one of the largest countries in South America, has plenty of wonderful landscapes, incredible natural parks and great options for the adventure tourist. It has really exceptionally natural monuments like the Iguazu Falls and the Aconcagua mountain, the latter being the tallest peak in America, and it is located in the province of Mendoza. Mendoza also has other interesting charms; its wines and wineries being a couple of the most important ones.

Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza is a province located in mid-west Argentina, at the base of the Andes mountain range. The landscape is dominated by the mountains on its western border, the biggest of which being the Aconcagua mountain. It is a desert region, but it has three major oases.

The capital city of Mendoza, also called Mendoza, is located in the main oasis and it is the fifth most populated city in Argentina. The urban center houses important monuments such as the San Francisco Church and the structural remains of the town square established by the Spanish colonizers in 1540.

Visiting the oases of Mendoza
Apart from Aconcagua—a destination for those who wish to try their luck rock climbing—other important places to visit in Mendoza are the other two main oases: Valle de Uco and Malargüe y San Rafael located in the south of the province.

San Rafael is a great place for people who love aquatic sports, since it has several levees such as the Valle Grande Levee and Los Nihuiles. There, it is possible to windsurf and waterskii, as well as sport fish.

Malargüe also has incredible places to visit. One of them is the site known as Caverna de las Brujas (translated to ‘witchs’ cavern’). It is inside a natural reserve that protects it, which was built by water eroding the subterranean rock.

At Valle de Uco it is possible to visit the small, homey cities of Tunuyán, San Carlos and Tupungato, which serve as a retreat for those looking to experience smaller urban life and culture in this vast province.

Mendoza’s wines: internationally recognized
Mendoza is abundant with some of the best wine and wineries in the entire world - their quality is internationally recognized. Each winery offers tourists the option of taking guided tours that include, of course, wine-tasting. These incredible tours can be taken downtown, and most of them include several wineries as destinations, making them an experience like no other for any type of tourist looking to experience the culture of this beautiful country.

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