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Texas ISD School Guide
Texas ISD School Guide

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READ AND RUN - Short Lesson

Practise sentence structure, question/answer drill and dialogue memorisation. Get students into pairs. Write on two separate sheets of paper, either questions on one and answers on another, all jumbled up, or the start of one sentence on one and the end on the other. Even dialogue/statements followed by a natural continuation are OK. Stick the first half of the paper (the questions) somewhere in the classroom, preferably a corner, and the other half (the answers) on the opposite side. One student runs over to the first half paper and memorizes a sentence from the sheet and returns to his/her desk. Then the memorized piece is written down. If it is forgotten, then the student can return and try again. Once finished, the student shows his/her partner, who then runs over to the B sheet and tries to match and memorize the answer. That student returns and concludes the sentence, or answers the question. Continue until all sentences, questions, or whatever, are complete or the time runs out. Check the answers. Remember that the students cannot carry their sheets to the corners of the room to copy the sentences down.

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