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Texas ISD School Guide
Texas ISD School Guide

Lessons & Classroom Games for Teachers

Fun Classroom Games & Activities
By:Miriam C

Difficulty: Easy
Classroomgamesand activities can bring an element of fun to your class. These activities are a greatbreak from regular work. They allow students to work off steam before a holiday break or stop themonotony of normalschooldays. Each of these activities can be adapted to work for any classroom.

Getto Know You
This game works best at the beginning of a new semester or school year. Make a list of interestingquestions then have kids pick a different student to answer each question. Some sample questionsare: "Find someone who has brown eyes." "Find someone who has been to a foreign country." "Findsomeone who has been to ten states." "Find someone who went camping this summer." Print thequestions on a piece of paper and make enough copies for the students. Allow the students to mingleto find the answers. The first person to answer all the questions wins.

Truth and Lies
Explain to the students that they will need to guess who is telling the truth and who is lying. Then haveeach student stand up and make a statement about themselves. After everyone has finished, goaround the classroom and have the students guess who was telling the truth and who was lying. Thiscan also be expanded to two truths and one lie, where the students make three statements and their classmates have to guess which of the three is the lie. The student who guesses the most correctly,wins the game.

Four Corners
This is a quiet game that will keep children occupied on a rainy day. It takes very little preparation.Assign a number to each corner of the room. Pick one child to be "it." Have that child sit at a table withhis head down. Tell the other students to each choose a corner to stand in. Tell "it" to call out a number and have everyone in that corner sit down. The game continues until one person is left and that personis then "it."

Heads Up Seven Up
This is a quiet game. Select seven children to "it." Have the rest of the students put their heads downon their desks and put their thumbs up. Tell the seven kids who are "it" to each touch one thumb. Tellthe students who are tagged to put their thumbs down. Tell the seven children who are "it" to return tothe front of the classroom. Have everyone pick their heads up, and have the children who were taggedstand up and guess who picked them. If they guess correctly, they replace the person who picked themand that person sits down. If they don't, they sit back down and the game goes on for another round.

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