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Texas ISD School Guide

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How to Use Short Grammar Games to Teach English
By:Karen Hollowell

Grammar is one of those subjects that is essential, but not exactly exciting to learn. Students have to remember lots of mechanics and usage rules and learn to diagram sentences. Teachers usually use textbooks and worksheets to introduce and reinforce skills. Playing grammar games in the classroom offers a fun diversion from a routine that many students find monotonous.

Introduce specific skills with a game. When you begin teaching a lesson on nouns, play "I Spy." Kindergartners and first graders can identify a person, place or thing in the classroom. Ask second and third graders to identify nouns that they might see in a zoo, park or playground.

Apply knowledge of skill with a classroom activity. Label a piece of chart paper with two columns that say "Common" and "Proper." Give each child a sticky note with a noun written on it. Have children come to the chart and place their word in the appropriate column. You can adapt this activity for any part of speech including more complex concepts like abstract and concrete nouns.

Review skills with a flash card game. Distribute index cards to everyone in the class. Each card will have either a proper or common noun written on it. You can find printable flash cards online at Teaching Heart. Ask kids to walk around the room and match their cards. For example, the student whose card reads "man" would find his match with the student whose card says "Mr. Jones." After all students are paired, check for accuracy. If students are in error, have them work together to make corrections.

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