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How to Get Free Airline Tickets
By:Odalis Bitterroot

We’d all like to travel more often. There are so many interesting and exciting places to visit and today’s airline system makes it so easy to see every corner of the world. Who wouldn’t like to fly to foreign countries, visit fascinating and exotic locales, take romantic getaways, have more exciting family vacations, or just “get away from it all” for a few days?

Unfortunately, most of us spend more time sitting on the couch watching television than we do globe-trotting. We’d all love to travel, but there’s a problem. Money. Flying isn’t cheap. Airfare has never been a real bargain and with the rising fuel and security costs associated with travel these days, the costs just seem to keep growing.

What if you could fly for free? If you knew how to get free airline tickets, things would be different. If the cost barrier was removed, where would you go?

We’ve all heard rumors about how one can secure free tickets, but many of us assume the truth is different. The very idea of getting free tickets seems impossible. Can it really be done? Does someone know how to get free airline tickets?

Believe it or not, it is possible. Let’s look at a few ways to hit the friendly skies without spending the high prices usually associated with airfare.

First, you can win tickets. That may seem unlikely, but there are always people dangling free airline tickets in front of the public as part of a promotion or marketing promotion. Sometimes those tickets are for specific destinations at designated times, but in other cases they are more open-ended propositions. Contests are one popular way of getting freebies.

Second, you can often get free tickets when buying something else. “Free tickets” may be bundled with vacation packages, but that’s not the only way. Other major purchases may include vouchers or free airline tickets as an incentive to make a purchase. Free tickets can accompany big ticket item buys or organizational memberships.

Third, you can get free air travel by paying for other trips. The major airlines are in vicious competition with one another for the public’s travel dollars. Frequent flyer programs have gone from being a nice way of getting a few trinkets after repeated cross-country flights to being a legitimate way to earn free airline tickets for future trips. If you travel regularly and are not a frequent flyer club member with your preferred carrier, you should make the effort to join. Also be aware of which credit cards give you additional free frequent flyer miles with every purchase. You can turn your shopping sprees into a source of free tickets.

Fourth, there are those who claim that those with insider knowledge know how to get free airline tickets. For instance, David Tinney has written a book titled “Why Not Fly Free?” The guide’s promotional materials claim that anyone can learn how to get free airline tickets by utilizing “secrets the airlines don’t want you to know.” Tinney, an experienced travel agency owner claims that its possible to go anywhere in the world while only paying the required tax on tickets--the tickets themselves are absolutely free.

Can you get free airline tickets? Undoubtedly. It may not be easy and the presence of some free offers shouldn’t stop you for searching for the best travel bargains (just in case you can’t book that flight for nothing), but there are free airline tickets out there.

You don’t necessarily have to take out a second mortgage in order to have a vacation. That little getaway doesn’t need to result in a bankruptcy. If you can get free airfare, travel can finally go from being a pipedream to a reality.

Odalis Knows

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