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Steps To Take Should The Airline Lose Your Luggage
By:Daniel L. Pott

Perhaps one of the most aggravating things about air travel is when you finally arrive at your destination only to find that your bags are not there and have been directed somewhere else. Many of our possessions are actually replaceable but still we like our stuff and we don't simply want the airline to give us new stuff, we want our bag returned to us with our stuff intact. Sometimes this happens and other times it does not but the airline is responsible for your bags and getting them returned to you within a reasonable time frame.

Many people believe that they must get extra insurance or file a claim through their insurance company or credit card to get reimbursed for the loss of their clothing and other personal care items. In fact the airline must make reasonable accommodation for you and they must provide you with all the things that you need immediately while they work on getting your bag back to you.

Amazingly it is not that difficult usually to get a bag returned to you within 48 hours, and they will usually deliver your bag right to your door. Now if you are traveling with something that can not be replaced or something that is of extreme importance to you then it is wise to either ask a staff member if they can stow that item for you separately on board your flight, or for you to include that item in your carry on luggage, even if that means that the airline will charge you a little more to carry it on.

Another wise thing to do when you travel is to include a small group of necessity items in your carry on luggage such as toiletries, a change of clothing, and any medications that are essential for you to have with you at all times. Keeping these items close in hand instead of checking them will help to ensure that you have a successful and less stressful trip, even if your bag inadvertently gets lost or misdirected.

Most airlines have a pretty good track record of getting bags where they need to go, but when a flight or passenger gets redirected it can be difficult to guarantee that a person and their bag will wind up in the same place at the same time. It is best to make sure that you label your bag clearly with not only all your information but also a phone number where you can be reached at before, during, and after your travels to make sure that if and when your bag is located that it will be returned to you as quickly as possible.

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