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Mundo Exchange (Thailand)
Geographical Area:Northern Thailand <mouse@mundoexchange.org>

Hello and thank you for reading.

Mundo Exchange is an non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) from Oregon based in and around the Isaan region of Thailand. We work with local partners in Thailand and are constantly reaching out to pockets of need throughout the world. We support local organizations at a grassroots level and believe that through open education and instilling critical thinking we can help bring the world a little closer to having social justice.

We avidly look for volunteers from different cultural, economic and skill-set backgrounds. We believe through differences, be them curious or conflict based, we can achieve resolution. We carefully keep ourselves free from religious and political belief systems and allow for communities to have their own systems which they can question interdependently. We focus on assisting everyone within a pocket of need be they undereducated or unemployed, mobile, male or female, old and young - improving the quality of life for those who have less is our main drive.

If you are thinking about volunteering in Thailand we ask you to have patience, an appreciation of others opinions - be they personal or cultural, a willingness to help and a sharp sense of adventure. We focus on supplying aid to a wide variety of people however we also understand the need for relaxation and personal development. We have close ties with many monasteries for monks and nuns and are very active within the local recreation areas such as Tai Chi/Tai Gek, local cooking, cycling, mountain climbing and a wide range of other endeavours. If helping others and then visiting, or staying at, a Thai monastery seems like a good idea - or perhaps soaking up the Thai culture or being aware of new experiences is your thing; we might just be the answer.

We will give you an introduction to Thai life and Thai language, set you up with an appropriate project of your choosing and be there for you should you need us. We welcome those who are independent as well as those who are just beginning to learn the ropes of international community development.

Volunteering is work - make no mistake, however it is also partly vacation and offers a unique travel experience in Thailand. See and experience more than any casual visitor. Find peace with a different mindset and a new perspective brought on from the magical memories that will last as long as your new friendships have; a lifetime.

Experiencing this will give you a springboard to many opportunities in the future. Understanding cultural differences, exploring your own character and helping lead a community into a more empowered state will look excellent to prospective employers as well as family and friends. Make a difference to others and feel the difference yourself.

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